Hey, I'm Peter or Peeta. I am a passionate designer, maker, printer, learner, builder, baker/cook, and creative problem solver. I love building, creating, and the overall creative process from concept to the final product.

I like to work with print and various tactile mediums as a tool to enhance storytelling further in my design process. I approach design with a robust research foundation from which I like to build on my colorful, fun, creative process.


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01 A Lost Comfort
A Collection Of Recipes

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I chose my thesis on comfort food because I've been cooking for myself since the age of four. Food to me has just been survival there was no comfort, it wasn’t something I turned to for when I was stress. So I never really had the chance to develop a special relationship with food. So I compiled my favorites recipes I like to cook and have tested in to this recipe book. On top I included some of my interviewee favorites recipes that I conudcted for research, and popular comfort foods in the U.S.

All in hopes of helping others who don't have comfort food, begin the journey of uncovering a lost comfort. Also to share some bomb food recipes with others.

Creating this book was a personal journey of self reflection. To help emphasize the personal nature and convey it through out the book. This book is entirely produced by hand for a handcrafted feel everything from the food, photography, illustrations, print, trim, and to each stitch of the binding of the book was done by me.

The link to the virtual book is here.

*warning the virual book will lose a lot of the handcrafted elements highlighted above such as polariods*

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