Hey, I'm Peter or Peeta. I am a passionate designer, maker, printer, learner, builder, baker/cook, and creative problem solver. I love building, creating, and the overall creative process from concept to the final product.

I like to work with print and various tactile mediums as a tool to enhance storytelling further in my design process. I approach design with a robust research foundation from which I like to build on my colorful, fun, creative process.


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02 Elysium
Magazine + Page Layout

content curation
page layout
type set
The Task: Create and curate a first edition to a new magazine series.

The Approach: 
Elysium is a bold new video-game culture magazine. Its created to celebrate and elevate the gaming culture discussion. Gaming has been the target of mainstream media and politicians and far too often the blame and scapegoat for every violent act in modern society, creating stereotypes and negative perceptions of gaming. Elysium strives to change that perspective and narrative

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