Hey, I'm Peter or Peeta. I am a passionate designer, maker, printer, learner, builder, baker/cook, and creative problem solver. I love building, creating, and the overall creative process from concept to the final product.

I like to work with print and various tactile mediums as a tool to enhance storytelling further in my design process. I approach design with a robust research foundation from which I like to build on my colorful, fun, creative process.


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03 Pho Gabo

art direction
page layout
The Task: Re-brand a local business in Portland

The Approach: I chose my family owned pho restaurant to re-brand.I took a Cleaner, Modern and Playful approach to the logo and subsequent branding system. A quick look at the neighboring competition pho places you would notice they all have a similar look and aesthetic. So a less decorative ornate design and approach would make the simpler yet playful identity stand out more while also creating a more inviting atmosphere at the current restaurant location.

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