Hey, I'm Peter or Peeta. I am a passionate designer, maker, printer, learner, builder, baker/cook, and creative problem solver. I love building, creating, and the overall creative process from concept to the final product.

I like to work with print and various tactile mediums as a tool to enhance storytelling further in my design process. I approach design with a robust research foundation from which I like to build on my colorful, fun, creative process.


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08 School of Art+Design: Donor Thankyou Book
Page layout

art direction,
page layout, 
type set, 
cover design,
photo editing/curation
A book commissioned by Portland State for future donors to the School of Art+Design's new art building. A book that showcases the programs offered and brief snapshots into various works of faculty, students, and the many forms of art and design.

The art direction of this book is heavily inspired and pays homage to the existing art building and the program's history. When touring the art building, everywhere you look, there's a pop of colors, from the chairs, signage, murals, posters and walls to past and present student artwork posted on cork boards.  

The inspiration of pops of color from the art building is incorporated into the book's various sections in the text and image treatment. Pay homage to the history of the building/ program; typesetting and formatting were vital. Composition inspired by older page layout books was pulled and refreshed with color for our purpose. A critical point throughout the book is the heavy emphasis of pulled quotes from past and present faculty and students.

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